The award winning Croydon Park Hotel is proud to be supporting the 2014 Heart of the Community initiative.


With so much going on within the Borough it is more important than ever before the old and vulnerable youths of the future are taken care of and guided through for a better and greener Croydon.


Being part of the business community of Croydon for over three decades we believe in hiring local young talents to lead the future generation of hospitality leaders not only in greater London but the UK as billions of pounds are being spent yearly by people from around the world wanting to experience the true British Hospitality.


Training, developing and identifying talents is key for the future and the volunteers/charity organisations needs all the support that they can get to make sure the future is bright for us all. The young need to be trained, groomed and ready for employment, the old and vulnerable taken care of so that they are not forgotten when a close community like ours go global and become part of the thriving business community of London.

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