House rules

Please read these rules carefully. They outline what we consider is acceptable and unacceptable user generated content. We may update the rules from time to time, so please read them before posting your contribution.



Rule 1: We welcome your opinions


We welcome your opinions. We want our readers to see and understand different points of view. In the case of comments or discussions, try to contribute to the thread, rather than just stating if you agree or disagree. Unless you have a witty one-liner, please explain why you hold your opinion.




Rule 2: This is a public forum


Once your comment is online, everyone with Internet access or our Smartphone “App” can read it. Please make your comment clear to ensure that it is not misunderstood. Your comment may be rated by other users and categorised e.g. best and worst rated. You can express a strong opinion but please do not go over the top. Don't forget that you are legally responsible for what you submit. Please consider how your comment could be received by others. Many different types of people of different ages may view your comment. This applies to any content you submit.




Rule 3: Language and relevance


Please be polite. Do not use swear words or crude or sexual language. Only English is allowed. Keep your submissions relevant to the story or topic. Do not insult other contributions or discuss the non-appearance or removal of any content on this Site or the suspension or termination of any users. If you would like to discuss the operation of the Site with us, please email us at




Rule 4: Report abuse


We strongly support this site’s community in maintaining high standards of participation. If you consider that a comment, or any other type of content on the site, does not comply with these rules or our Terms, please use the relevant Report link, located next to the content at issue. This facility should only be used for serious complaints, not simply because you disagree with something said.


We operate a system of pre-publication moderation for some user generated content before it is published on this site, where the content is contributed by non-trusted users.


We also operate a system of post-publication moderation for some user generated content after it is published on this site, where the content is contributed by regular and trusted users.


Whilst we operate a system of pre-publication and post-publication moderation, we are under no obligation to moderate any content on this site, and we expressly exclude our liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of any interactive feature by a user in contravention of these rules, whether the service is moderated or not.




Rule 5: No libel or other abuse


You must not make or encourage comments which are:


• defamatory, false or misleading;


• insulting, threatening or abusive;


• obscene or of a sexual nature;


• offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups;


• promoting illegal activity; or


• intended to deceive.




Rule 6: Confidentiality, privacy and contempt


Please respect people's privacy. You are not allowed to submit confidential or private information. For example, you must not upload the telephone number, email address or any other contact details of any person without their permission.


You should not write anything which could prejudice pending or ongoing court proceedings of which you are aware. For example, if you have any personal knowledge about someone who has been arrested or charged or being prosecuted for an offence, you must not mention it. If you do, you could be in contempt of court, which is an extremely serious matter.




Rule 7: No advertising, solicitation or investigations


You must not use your contribution for:


• the promotion of any products, services or chain messages or for any other commercial purpose without our prior consent;


• comparative advertising;


• any fraudulent purpose;


• harming or attempting to harm minors;


• sending or procuring the sending of unsolicited emails ,unauthorised advertising or other communications;


• an investigation e.g. tracing the whereabouts of any person.


We retain the right to remove comments that refer to any sponsorship, petition, campaign or scheme, at our discretion.


If you wish to advertise please contact




Rule 8: No impersonation and proper disclosure


You must not pretend to be someone else (e.g. an expert, another user or a member of our team). You must not pretend that you are unconnected to a story or topic, when in fact you are. If you have a personal connection to a story or topic, you should disclose your connection or, where appropriate, not comment at all.




Rule 9: Copyright infringement


You must not infringe another person's copyright, for example by copying and pasting content from another site and using it as your own comment.


You must also not submit copies of photographs taken from third party websites.




Rule 10: Respect the spirit as well as the letter of the House Rules


In deciding what is acceptable, please also respect the spirit and tone of these rules and the community.




Rule 11: Removal of content


As set out at rule 4 above, we may carry out some pre-publication and post-publication moderation. In addition to this, reader comments that violate the letter or spirit of these rules or our Terms may be removed (or, if checked in advance, not published in the first place). If we do remove something, we will generally remove whole posts, or where necessary, whole threads (not parts). This means that even if only one sentence is objectionable, the whole comment will usually be removed (or not published).


If your contribution or a thread is removed, this may be for any number of reasons. Usually, this will be because the contribution breaks these rules or our Terms or is the subject of an abuse report. Sometimes, the contribution may be removed because it is connected to another contribution which is being removed. We hope that you will understand that, once properly notified of a complaint, we may have to remove a contribution for legal reasons (whatever the rights and wrongs).


If your content has been removed, we may email you to let you know or to inform you if you have been suspended or banned from submitting further comments to the Site.


If you are aware that content has been removed, you must not deliberately resubmit the same content.




Rule 12: Suspension and termination


We reserve the right to suspend or ban your account and use of the site at our sole discretion. Here are some reasons why we might do so:


• Breaching these rules or our Terms;


• Serious failure to respect the spirit and tone of the community; or


• Conduct or comments that demand a disproportionate amount of our time or that abuse our staff.


The length of a suspension or whether we ban someone depends on all the circumstances. Allowing our users to contribute content is a privilege, not a right. If you abuse our rules, or our Terms, you should expect to be barred from using the site.


If we suspend or ban your registration, you must not attempt to re-register or submit content (e.g. using someone else's account), without our permission.


We also reserve the right to take proceedings against you for breach of our Terms or these House Rules and to report the matter to the Police or other appropriate law enforcement agency. Failure to comply with the above Content Standards, and the other terms set out in these Terms, constitutes a material breach and you agree to indemnify us for all liabilities, costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs), expenses, damages and losses suffered by us which result from the breach. .




Rule 1:

Each promotion is subject to the specific directions and, if applicable, any terms and conditions published for the relevant promotion in the Local World title it is published in or on this website.

In the case of conflict between these rules and such specific directions/terms and conditions, these rules shall prevail. By participating in any promotion, you are deemed to accept these rules and the specific directions/terms and conditions applicable to the relevant promotion as well as any terms and conditions of any relevant third party.


Rule 2:

Employees and agents of Local World Limited ("Local World") or any company connected with the production or distribution of a promotion or any of their associated companies are not eligible to take part in the applicable promotion, nor are their relatives or members of their families or households. Unless expressly stated for a particular promotion, promotions are restricted to residents of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man aged 18 years or over. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request.

Written parental/guardian consent is required where a promotion states that participants may be under the age of 18. Entry to any promotion is limited to one entry per person unless otherwise specified.


Rule 3:

Failure to claim a gift, prize or other promotional item by the time or in the manner specified for the particular promotion (or if no time is specified, within 28 days from the promotion closing date) will make any claim invalid and the Editor may re-allocate the prize.

No responsibility is accepted for entries damaged, lost or mislaid and proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of delivery. No applications will be accepted by agents, in bulk or from third parties.


Rule 4:

The determination and decision of the editors of the relevant Local World title or this website (the "Editors") on all matters shall be final and no promotional correspondence will be entered into. The Editors reserve the right in their reasonable discretion:

(a) to disqualify any claimant, competitor or nominee whose conduct is contrary to the spirit of the rules or the intention of the promotion and to declare as void any or all of their claims or entries based on such conduct;

(b) to declare as void any claims or entries resulting from any printing, production and/or distribution errors (including but not limited to any error(s) in the relevant Local World title, this website, any game cards and/or other printed materials) or where there has been error(s) in any aspect of the preparation for or conduct of the promotion materially affecting the result of the promotion or the number of claimants or the value of claims;

(c) to add to or to waive any rules on reasonable notice; and/or

(d) to cancel the promotion or any part of it at any stage in the event of circumstances beyond Local World's reasonable control.


Rule 5:

Gifts, prizes and other promotional items are not transferable, may not be re-sold and are subject to availability. The Editors reserve the right in their reasonable discretion to substitute any such gift, prize or item with a gift, prize or item of equal value.


Rule 6:

Local World, its subsidiaries and holding companies accept no liability for any promotion by a third party and such third party is responsible for the fulfilment of its promotion.


Rule 7:

In the event of there being more claims than prizes available in any category and subject to the provisions of rules 4 and 9, the names of the valid claimants will go into a draw for those prizes.


Rule 8:

All entries (including but not limited to entries via game cards/other promotional devices) must be made available if requested for the checking or verification of any claim.


Rule 9:

A promotion, or specific game cards/promotional devices, may be declared as void by the Editors if game cards/promotional devices contain a printing error, or involve a production or distribution error, of any kind.

Game cards or other promotional devices found to be mutilated, illegible, altered, reconstructed, forged or tampered with in any way will also be declared void by the Editors. Photocopies will not be accepted. The promotion may also be declared void should a printing or production error, in connection with the promotion appear in any Local World title or on this website.


Rule 10:

Publicity may be given to promotion winners and winners' names and images may be published in the relevant Local World title and on this website and other website(s) relating to the promotion. Winners must co-operate fully for publicity purposes if so required.


Rule 11:

Winners will be notified within 28 days of the relevant closing date and names of winners of major promotions are available by sending an SAE (marked with the promotion name to the relevant Local World titles’ main publishing address, as printed inside the newspaper or on this website up to one month after the closing date.

Promotional items will be fulfilled within 56 working days from the date the order for those promotional items is received.


Rule 12:

No purchase of any kind is necessary for free prize draws. Follow the directions and any terms and conditions for the relevant promotion as published in the relevant Local World title or on this website.


Rule 13:

Prizes, gifts and other promotional items are as described in the relevant Local World title or on this website. Winners/claimants of holidays are responsible for ensuring that they and any partners hold valid passports and any necessary visas or other necessary travel documentation for the trip in question. Unless otherwise stated, insurance and travel to and from airports is excluded. Winners/claimants of vehicle prizes must hold valid driving licences prior to driving.

Promotions rules



Effective from 1 January 2013


This privacy policy applies only to this website (the "Site"). If you do not accept this privacy policy, you must not use this Site.


Collection Of Personal Information


We collect personal information from you (such as name, address, telephone number, email address etc) when you complete registration or enquiry forms, submit comments to the Site, participate in message boards, blogs and other such user generated content facilities or send emails or text messages to us. Please do not submit your personal information to us if you do not wish us to collect it.


Use of Cookies


In addition to personal information you provide, we may also collect information about you automatically when you visit the Site or access content in our electronic communications with you.


The collection of information may involve the use of cookies and web beacons. A web beacon is a small graphic image placed on a web page that is designed to allow us to monitor traffic on the Site or within electronic communications. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive by your browser. Cookies allow us to identify your computer and find out details about your visit and browsing habits so that we can offer you a more personalised experience and manage, monitor and improve services.


Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but usually you can alter the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer. If you choose not to receive our cookies, you may not be able to use some of the core features of the Site. CLICK HERE for instructions on controlling cookies in the most recent version of Windows Explorer (Users of other browsers should contact their manufacturer for instructions).


The information collected by cookies and web beacons is not personally identifiable, it only includes general information about your computer settings, your connection to the internet e.g. operating system and platform, IP address, your browsing patterns and timings of browsing on the Site and geographical location.


Display advertising on the Site is provided by our advertising partners. Our advertising partners will serve advertisements that they believe are most likely to be of interest to you, based on information about your visit to the Site and other websites (this information is anonymous in that it does not include your name, street address, email address or telephone number). For more information about this type of online behavioural advertising please visit


You can learn more about cookies and how to reject cookies using different types of browser by visiting


Separate tools are also available for managing local shared objects or ‘Flash cookies’ from the Adobe website. These cookies may be used to manage the effective delivery of services using video or other flash related content.




VisualDNA's patented image-based profiling tool allows users to take control of their online experience, by providing access to advertisements, content and recommendations localised and personalised to them from across the web. We believe that individuals should be in control of their data, and our ultimate goal is to enable users to decide what information they choose to share and how they would like to benefit. To learn more about how we collect and use information for online advertising, please visit:


Use Of Your Information


By using this Site, you agree that we may collect, hold, process and use your information (including personal information) for the purpose of providing you with the Site services and developing our business which shall include (without limitation): • Verifying your identity (for example when you return to the Site);

• Personalising your visits to the Site to improve the services provided to you;

• Informing you about the latest changes to the Site, or products, services or promotional offers that you might find interesting;

• customer service and support;

• Enabling you to share our content with others e.g. using our Email a friend and Share this article functionality;

• Communicating (and personalising such communication) with you;

• Conducting market research; and/or

• carrying out technical and statistical analysis to measure the performance of our services and the Site.


Sharing Your Personal Information


We may share information about you with suppliers that we engage to help us provide certain services and/or functionality e.g online payment processing. We will use reasonable endeavours to control and be responsible for the use of your information by such suppliers. Furthermore, by using the Site, you consent to the transfer of your personal information outside of the European Economic Area (which may not provide the same protection for such information as the European Economic Area provides) in the event that the processing of your information involves such a transfer.


Subject to your consent, we may supply personal information about you to selected third parties so that they may contact you with information and offers which may be of interest to you.


We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to comply with applicable laws and government or regulatory bodies’ lawful requests for information.


We may transfer, sell or assign any of the information described in this policy to third parties as a result of a sale, merger, consolidation, change of control, transfer of assets or reorganisation of our business.


Message Boards, Blogs and Other Public Forums


The Site makes message boards, blogs and other such user generated content facilities available to users of the Site and registered users can provide content for and participate in these facilities. Any information that is disclosed in these areas of our Site becomes public information and you should always be careful when deciding to disclose your personal information. For more information see the house rules above.


'Email A Friend' And 'Share This Article' Facilities


When you use these facilities and provide us with personal data (e.g. the name and email address) of a third party, please ensure that you have their consent before giving us their details. Keeping Your Personal Information Secure.


We take the security of your personal information very seriously and have appropriate physical, technical and administrative procedures in place to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure as required by law in England.


Accessing Your Personal Information


If you wish to review or receive copies of the personal information we hold about you, change your marketing preferences or have any other queries about this privacy policy, please write to us (including full details of your request) at the following address:


This Is

Local World Limited

Northcliffe House

2 Derry Street


W8 5TT


We may charge a small administration fee (not exceeding the maximum permitted by law) in relation to fulfilling a request for access to personal information.


Changes to this Privacy Policy


If we change this privacy policy, we will post the revised privacy policy here with an updated effective date. If we make significant changes to the privacy policy, we may also notify you by other means such as sending an email or posting a notice on our home page.



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