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Freelance seo essex

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Freelance SEO Essex is a leading local search engine marketing agency that specialises in SEO for small to medium sized businesses in the Essex area and beyond. Supported by an expert team of copywriters and web designers, we are perfectly equipped to develop bespoke search campaigns for businesses in all industry sectors and have been achieving excellent exposure for clients in both organic and paid search since 2012.


Offering flexible contracts and extremely competitive fees, we fast became to go-to SEO agency in Essex for smaller companies and start-ups who are looking for tangible results at a price they can afford. That said, our consultants also have a great deal of experience in running larger and more complex campaigns for businesses that are looking to take their search visibility to the next level.


What makes us truly different from other local SEO firms is our highly transparent approach towards our work and our unwavering commitment to client care. We know that the key to building long-lasting relationships with our partners is to help them generate a strong return on their investment, but we also recognise the importance of communication at every stage of the optimisation process. We keep our customers up to date with their progress through regular face-to-face reporting meetings and are on hand at all times to offer professional advice on any aspect of their campaign, establishing a deep sense of trust and accountability from day one.


We are also highly passionate about educating others about what we do and helping local business owners get to grips with the concept of search engine optimisation. We run a monthly column in the Essex Chronicle and Brentwood Gazette, which is designed to bring the latest industry news and a range of tips and techniques to the community.


For more information on our SEO, PPC management, web copywriting and social media management services, please call 01245 477449 or email us directly via

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